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Caravan tote

Each Mtoko bag is individually handcrafted in Tanzania at partner workshops in Dar es Salaam, using locally sourced materials. Our bags are meant to connect you to some of the most unique artisan accents in the country. The team of partner artisans use ethically purchased leather, canvas, brass and hand dyed Batik in Dar es Salaam to create the bags. The brass thumbprints are crafted a local jewelry workshop by an artist named Susan and the batik hand dyed patterning is done by a team women in Tanzania. The bags themselves are made in a local leather workshop by an artisan named Ras and the final touches compiled at Mtoko’s workshop—Karakana In order to personalize the bags, each batik pattern (Sea Breeze Blue, Safari Sky Yellow and Urban Secrets-found in the image section of the products) can be personally selected for the different bag styles. Each one of our bags comes with a postcard including a message from the artisan involved in the production process and goes to support our community partners working to reduce stigma. 


In the Caravan Tote, wrapped black colored and locally sourced leather and a brass stamped fingerprint (signifying our commitment to ending shame) creates the perfect accent for your front key ring. Artisan made black beading provides a beautiful addition to the bag. Inside zip with a key ring made from upcycled leather or canvas from a bush plane in Tanzania, connects each traveller to the roots of East Africa. 


Limited Edition Batik Prints to be Selected

(Images found next to Bag for Viewing

1.) Sea breeze (Blue and White Batik)

Hand dyed batik pattern that is inspired by the cool breeze coming from the Indian Ocean off the island of Zanzibar

2.) Safari Sky (Yellow, Black and White Batik)

Hand dyed batik pattern that is inspired by the warm hues of the sun rise found in the African bush

3.) Urban Secrets (Teal, Black and White Batik)

Hand dyed batik pattern inspired by the culture of urban Tanzania where the vibrant market scenes create both undeniable contrast and unforgettable fusion.



  • Width - 16 Inches
  • Length - 12 Inches


Type: Travel to Connect Bags

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