The Art of Beading and Crafting


Create Your Own Personalized Bracelets and Recycled Keychains 

Beading and Crafting Class at Karakana

Highlights from The Art of Beading and Crafting: 
1.) Take home beaded bracelet and personalized keychain
2.) Translated ‘how to bead’ session
3.) Opportunity to choose your own local material for your keychain
4.) Access to 'day room style' features such as wifi, bar, on site shop, printing and locked luggage area

Length of Time for This Experience: 1 hour

Summary of Experience:

 Meet one of the artisans in residence at Mtoko and enjoy learning the traditional craft of beading in Tanzania. Also learn how traditional materials are being used to inform the modern day art scene in Tanzania. Join your coordinator and make your own personalized key ring with materials that include brightly colored kitenge fabric, recycled canvas/leather from Bush planes and cow horn buttons. A key ring and beaded bracelet can be taken with you at the end of the experience.

What will we do?

 Meet your hosts for the Art of Beading and Crafting and begin by learning about the significance of beading in Tanzania. You will have the option of trying the traditional method of beading, while selecting a pattern of beads created by your host to take home. Each pattern created has a cultural meaning and your host will walk you through the meaning behind each. After beading, your host will take you to a display of upcycled materials (such as cow horn, kitenge fabric, local leather) and you will be given a sample of how these materials are transforming the modern arts scene in Tanzania. You will then get a chance to make a personalized key ring from the materials

Rate is $55 PP and Includes the following: 
1.) Unlimited Variety of East African Coffee and Tea Selection + Soft Beverages (Water, Sparking Water, Soda, Local Juice)
2.) Wifi
3.) On Site Coordinator
4.) Locked Area for Luggage
5.) Printing Service Available
6.) 20 Minute Calling to US, Canada, UK and China 
7.) Gratuities and Tax 
8.) Child related/care available upon request
9.) Shower available if interested (located at main house next to Karakana)
10.) All day snacks
11.) Donation to Mtoko’s community support programs 
12) Continental or Swahili Meal 

This experience is offered from 7AM to 5PM daily. A 24 hour notice is required for bookings. For alcohol and transport add-ons please check rates here:  Rates 


Meet Selina Bernard Mlemka, Your Experience Coordinator
 At our day and evening tailor made stopover experience in Dar es Salaam

My name is Selina Bernard Mlemka and I am 48 years old. I was born in Morogoro region but am currently living inPugu, Dar es Salaam. My interest for handcrafting has grown for so many years and right now it has come to be my second job that brings me income. It is important to remove stigma because we are all equal and if we would live together there would be unity and love among ourselves. It is also important for me to work with the community to show support and empathy for those with disabilities.

Each experience is jointly run by a Mtoko staff member and a coordinator. We seek wherever possible to provide coordinator trainings to people affected by stigma.

For every experience you book, someone in need is given the opportunity to connect

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