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Creating Connection for both travellers and People in Need


Salim and I met as social workers in Dar es Salaam and it was his passion for design and community that inspired me to join Mtoko. I remember clearly walking into a school with him and realizing that young people were desperate for after school activities. I remember going to a drug treatment center and realizing the impact that stigma had on so many people’s lives. We quickly saw though that hope could be found when people got connected. When people had the opportunity to engage in trainings, develop clubs and run their own projects, the game changed.
            After living in Tanzania for 7 years, I also saw many people flying out of the country, waiting in the airport lounge or hotel lobby, disconnected from the local community. I knew that there had to be a better option and a way to bring us together. Karakana was created to solve these two problems and it is our pleasure to do be doing this with you.
 Salim and Lauren from Mtoko walking to the stopover
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