About Us


Lauren and Salim walking to Karakana in Dar es Salaam

 Using Authentic Stopovers to Create Change In Tanzania

By celebrating the beauty in community connection and by joining both the world of tailor-made experiences and social change, journey with us to discover Mtoko.

Founded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by Salim Ali, the Swahili word Mtoko embodies the idea of stepping out, both in terms of place and person. Inspired by the messages coming from a traditional Swahili cloth called Khanga, Mtoko integrates stories into each product and experience. 



We bring you closer to life in Tanzania, through stopover experiences that take you out of the hotel and into the country. We take you closer to the place we call home, without compromising luxury and by supporting an amazing network of community partners. 

Our exclusive and tailor made experiences provide a real connection that is carefully and selectively refined to represent life in Tanzania. We develop onsite partnerships and specific collaborations with local artisans, tailors and cultural curators to work with us in facilitating the experience. We look forward to having you join us. 

Beading and Crafting Experience


For every experience you book, someone in need is given the opportunity to connect