By celebrating the beauty in Community Connection, Journey with us to discover Mtoko.

Lauren and Salim walking to Karakana in Dar es Salaam


Founded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by Salim Ali, the Swahili word Mtoko embodies the idea of stepping out, both in terms of place and person. Inspired by the messages coming from a traditional Swahili cloth called Khanga, Mtoko integrates stories into each product to inspire and connect communities. We at Mtoko believe each person has a story to share. Despite differences in our journey we both deserve a safe place within each other to share and feel connected.

Mtoko was founded by Salim Ali in 2010 as a fashion company before joined hands with Lauren Pluchino in 2017 and saw the need to expand the company to a Social Enterprise.





I am a keen believer of a Swahili saying that says ‘Maisha ni Safari’, life is a journey. I have been taking this into my everyday life and it made me look at life in a very different perspective. Everything that we are going through is what makes us to be as perfectly beautiful as we are.
Am here to share my journey with you. Let’s Travel, shall we? Salim Ali.

let's travel shall we...