We work with our nonprofit partner Tap Elderly Women's Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY) & The Elderly Women's Wisdom Network  to administer and monitor  the following initiatives  

What problem are we trying to solve?

Cycles of poverty, stigma and lack of opportunity can create gaps in who has access to high quality content, experiences, SRHR education and opportunities for exchange. Such disconnections often keep people divided rather than united. We are working to change this through connecting young people affected by stigma to elderly women mentors. 


Why do we work with people affected by stigma and youth?

People affected by stigma are often times at increased risk for a cycle of poverty, disconnection and lack of opportunity, while young people represent a new generation where empathy can be learned and actively practiced. Through using elderly women to work with these groups we build connections in communities. Elderly women are equally as stigmatized by the community and are often times neglected and disconnected in the communities they live in. 


How do we solve this problem?

We design connection building experiences for people affected by stigma and empathy building experiences for youth through a digital training, support and connection building network. We work with elderly women using the Friendship bench model and a hotline to support marginalized communities. We  focus on :



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