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Reading Room at Karakana
Introducing a Tailor-Made, Authentic,  Eco-Stopover. 

Enjoy a new type of stopover (pre or post safari) that combines the conveniences of a day room, with experiential luxury found outside a hotel. Located in the hills of Pugu, 30 minutes from the Dar es Salaam airport, Karakana (meaning workshop in Kiswahili) provides a tailor-made stopover experience in Dar es Salaam. Through connecting you to the world of food, art, and community in Tanzania, we bring you closer to both the country and the people. Select one of our authentic experiences, meet our artist-in-residence, have a pre-ordered and relaxing meal and shop some of the Mtoko collaborations with different artisans across Tanzania. 

Through collecting rain water,  using recycled materials in the design (such as  leather from bush planes in Tanzania)  and creating a garden on site, we chose to make Karakana as ecologically responsible as possible. 

  Once finished with your experience, Mtoko can transport you back to your hotel or to the airport, where you will find free wifi in the car. Each stopover goes to support a group of community organizations across Tanzania working to reduce stigma and build empathy. Read more about our Evening Experience or our  Day Experience 

 A Summary of Experience Options Available at Karakana For Day Guests Include: 


A Taste of Tanzania

Summary of Experience:

Watch and participate in the making of a few traditional style Tanzanian dishes, while learning about the food and culture in the country. You will get a chance to select a local dish to prepare and will enjoy your sampling at Karakana. Traditional cooking methods will be used and a locally handcrafted spoon and a recipe will be given at the end of the experience.

Fatma at the cooking class

Learning Swahili Through Stories & Dialogue

Summary of Experience:

 Interested in getting closer to Kiswahili (the language used in Tanzania)? Sit with one of the coordinators to learn a few phrases through Swahili sayings, messages, proverbs and stories from the country. Phrases and greetings are compiled on recycled airplane leather and the coordinator will work with you directly to write your own Swahili message in a take-home journal.

Learning Kiswahili at Karakana
The Art of Beading and Crafting:
Summary of Experience:
 Meet one of the artisans in residence at Mtoko and enjoy learning the traditional craft of beading in Tanzania. Also learn how traditional materials are being used to inform the modern day art scene in Tanzania. Join your coordinator and make your own personalized key ring with materials that include brightly colored kitenge fabric, recycled canvas/leather from Bush planes and cow horn buttons. A key ring and beaded bracelet can be taken with you at the end of the experience.
Learning Beading at Karakana  
Understanding Community through Drama
Summary of Experience:
 Get a closer connection to one of Mtoko’s community partner’s, Makini Organization. Makini is an organization working with young people who were previously living on the street. Watch two dramas created by Makini reflecting community issues in Tanzania and have a one-on-one discussion with the performers. Have a question about community life in Tanzania? We will connect your question to a member before your arrival, and an answer will be ready when you arrive. A playbill of the performance and a journal with messages from the performers themselves will be given at the end of the experience.
Drama Experience at Karakana
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  For every experience you book, someone in need is given the opportunity to connect. 
Children at the Mtoko Club at Juhudi Secondary School

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