Evening Dinner, Dance & Bonfire

Under the glow of a bonfire with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, curl up with a book from our library or try out a traditional game of Bao. For all travellers having an evening flight, join us for a relaxing and personalized nighttime experience. Under the beat of traditional music, we have created together with our community partners a dance, which embodies the human spirit of resiliency. Get swept away by the music, the fire and the all time favorite midnight snacks that will be served throughout. Through collecting rain water, using recycled materials in the design (such as  leather from bush planes in Tanzania)  and creating a garden on site, we chose to make Karakana as ecologically responsible as possible. 

Evening Bonfire

Evening Drinks at Karakana


Beginning at 7PM  and open to 12AM, each evening experience you book includes the following ‘Night Provisions’:


1.) Bonfire & Traditional Welcome Dance by one of our Community Partners, Makini Organization

2.) Variety of East African Coffee and Tea Selection + Soft Beverages (Water, Sparking Water, Soda & Local Juice)

3.) Warm evening snacks

4.) Wifi

5.) On Site Coordinator also in charge of flight updates

6.) Locked Area for Luggage

7.) Printing Service Available

8.) 20 Minute Calling to US, Canada, UK and China 

9.) Gratuities Included

10.) Shower available if interested (located at main house next to Karakana)

11.)  Donation to Mtoko’s community support programs 

 While the night provisions begin at 7PM, arrival can be from 5PM and guests are welcome to relax at Karakana.  For transport and alcohol add-ons please check rates here: Rates 

Candle lit evening experience at Karakana


Meet Vasco Aboratf and Aziza Iddy, Your Experience Coordinators


My name is Vasco Aboratf and I am 22 years old and live in Dar es Salaam. I was born in Kilwa. I became interested in dance and fashion growing up and was inspired by different artists. When I joined Makini, an organization working young people living on the streets in Dar es Salaam, I was able to grow my skills and passion. Through Makini I travlled to Kenya, Italy and Belgium to perform traditional dance and design the costumes for the dances.  It is important to remove stigma because it will bring peace, love and development.

At our day and evening tailor made stopover experience in Dar es Salaam.

My name is Aziza Iddy and I am 21 years old and live in Dar es Salaam. I was born in Dar es Salaam. I became interested in dance when seeing my friends being used and saw that dance could give me the power to improve my life. Through Makini, I travelled to Italy and Kenya as a dancer to perform. For me it is important to reduce stigma because it will help create freedom.

Each experience is jointly run by a Mtoko staff member and a coordinator. We seek wherever possible to provide coordinator trainings to people affected by stigma. 

For every experience you book, someone in need is given the opportunity to connect.

let's travel shall we...