The Mtoko Empathy Building and Changemaker Fellows are members identified from the network that show passion, creativity and resiliency in addressing issues pertaining to building empathy and reducing stigma. Fellows are housed by Mtoko and given technical assistance and mentorship as they work on independent projects for a year period. 



Meet the Fellows 

Osmund O Lupindu

Age: 34

Why are you passionate about building Empathy in communities?

I am passionate about building empathy in communities because I have found that empathy is the appropriate way of making a bridge between people. Hence it is easier to connect those that have been disconnected and solve problems in the community like ending shame, lowering stigma and promoting inclusion. 

What project are you currently working on? 

1.) I am working on creating a magazine which aims to lower stigma and  discrimination for vulnerable populations 

2.) I am working with my two other changemakers on a " How To" manual for having conversations that are difficult because of shame 

Ahmed Athuman Ramole 

Age: 29 

Why are you passionate about building empathy in communities? 

My desire is to change societies from isolating and rejecting humans. I also aim to make people understand the pain of another. If people learn to live with empathy it will be a good place for all. 

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a series of  'How To' questions that focus on helping parents and children communicate with each other. These questions are made for children to parents and parents to children. They are made to help children learn how to communicate and share with their parents and also to connect children with their parents 


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