A Taste of Tanzania


Learn how to make traditional style Tanzanian Dishes 

Cooking class at Karakana



1.)Take home wooden spoon and recipe book

2.) Sit down taste test of the food prepared with other local dishes

3.) Explanation on use of local ingredients and cultural connections

4.) Access to 'day room style' features such as wifi, bar, on site shop, printing and locked luggage area

Beautiful take home spoon from the cooking experience

Length of Time for this Experience: Approximately 1 hour and 30 Minutes  

Summary of Experience:

Watch and participate in the making of a few traditional style Tanzanian dishes, while learning about the food and culture in the country. You will get a chance to select a local dish to prepare and will enjoy your sampling at Karakana. Traditional cooking methods will be used and a locally handcrafted spoon and a recipe will be given at the end of the experience.

Preparing for a Taste of Tanzania Cooking Experience

 What will we do?

Meet your hosts for the cooking class and get an introduction to the meal you will be preparing. Your hosts will share the significance of the meal in Tanzanian culture. You will then get an overview of the different ingredients and techniques used in making the meal. Cooking and preparation begins and then a taste testing of the meal prepared with your hosts will be given. A handcrafted spoon and receipt will be given at the end of the experience.

Kwege grinding the spices for a Taste of Tanzania Cooking Experience

Rate is $55 PP and Included is the following: 

1.) Unlimited Variety of East African Coffee and Tea  + Soft Beverages (Water, Sparking Water, Soda, Local Juice)

2.) Wifi

3.) On Site Coordinator

4.) Locked Area for Luggage

5.) Printing Service Available

6.) 20 Minute Calling to US, Canada, UK and China 

7.) Gratuities and Tax 

8.) Child related/care available upon request

9.) Shower available if interested (located at main house next to Karakana)

10.) Unlimited All day Snacks

11.) Donation to Mtoko’s community support programs 

12) Continental or Swahili Meal 

This experience is offered from 7AM to 5PM daily. A 24 hour notice is required for bookings. For transport and alcohol add-on packages please check rates here: Rates

Meet Fatma Mlisho, Your Experience Coordinator 

At our day and evening tailor made stopover experience in Dar es Salaam

My name is Fatma Mlisho and I am 18 years old. I was born in Chalinze but am currently living in Pugu, Dar es Salaam. I love to cook and learned from my grandmother the traditional spices in Tanzania that I use in most of my meals. I find it important to remove stigma, particularly for women and girls. I had my daughter at a young age and I want to make sure she lives in a community where all women and girls get the support they need.

Each experience is jointly run by a Mtoko staff member and a coordinator. We seek wherever possible to provide coordinator trainings to people affected by stigma. 

For every experience you book, someone in need is given the opportunity to connect.


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